Extra energy without feeling stressed...

Increasing your energy

You can wave goodbye to that dull numbness that creeps over you when fatigue hits, replaced with a brutal increase in your energy. It’s perfect for people with busy home or work lives, or just for one off occasions when you just need the strength to do your very best, even if you’ve already been performing at your peak all day long.

Latest formula

Supercap Xtreme is an ideal fatburner but also a great energizer and it is not without a reason that is has become a worldwilde wellknown product. The new Xtreme formula offers a powerful boost of energy that keeps you going for longer, keeps your more alert and keeps your reactions sharp.

Clear mind

The combination of herbs is reponsible for this energy boost and works so fine the Dutch even use it to feel good and energic on many dance events. It is a known fact they use it as an alternative for the illegal stuff, a sort of legal XTC. Additional advantage is that you slim, the hunger feeling takes off and you get a very clear mind.